Software Product Engineering

Techvegas LLP has delivered software engineering services across different industries and geographies. With more than 10 years of experience, our solutions are formulated based on a systematic and analytically sound process.

Software product engineering refers to creating, assessing, implementing and streamlining a software product. All services ranging from the stage of innovation to the testing phase are taken care of in software product engineering.

Beginning with the genesis of the concept to the implementation and testing stage by users, Tech Vegas completes the product life cycle with elan.

A quick tour of our product engineering process


Tech Vegas invests time in ideation because great ideas are translated into good products. After evaluation of a firm’s objectives, solutions are defined based on the client’s requirements. The planning phase of product development process begins with ideation.


A feasibility study is conducted to understand the technical and financial aspects of the software development process. A comprehensive analysis is conducted to assess potential risks. The time and resources required, key activities, estimations and ROI are taken into account as well.


Our design team builds a software architecture comprising of all its features. The product design contains customer-friendly prototypes and final mock-ups. Wireframes, standards, procedures and end goals are created in this stage after considering user experience and goals.


The development phase revolves around writing code and transforming design documents into software, according to specifications and requirements stipulated by the client.


Our quality assurance team runs several tests, including functionality testing, systems integration, interoperability and user acceptability testing on the final product.


The software is ready to be implemented in this phase. Data and component transfers are duly completed. The tested application is released. Specific changes may be made in the following releases as per the requirement.

Maintenance and upgradation

The product is further fine-tuned, updated and enhanced based on real-world feedback from the end users. The features of the product are improved with additional competencies.